Kurt William

UI/UX React Developer

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Hi, I'm Kurt! I am a User Experience / User Interface React Developer based out of Toronto. I spend my days critically thinking about user stories, and designing them to make it easiest for the user whilst keeping business growth in mind. After, I complete the development with React, JavaScript or HTML.


  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5

Skills and Tools

  • React
  • Vanilla JS
  • Craft CMS
  • Git
  • Gulp
  • Webpack


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • 3D Rendering
  • JavaScript Games

Selected Works

Aesthetic Dimension

JavaScript, Twig, Craft CMS, Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Gulp

Developed a custom Craft CMS site using JavaScript, Twig, HTML, and SASS to make the front end for the design firm Aesthetic Dimension.

Word Sandwiches

Word Sandwiches

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React, Git, Gulp, API

My favourite project! A word game that pulls words from the Oxford Dictionary API, scrambles them, then puts them inside one another.

Book Share

Book Share

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Git, GitHub, jQuery, FireBase,

Using the Bookshare API users can search by author and find books made by them. Using Firebase users can save choices to their account and see them displayed on the page.

New You

New You

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, API

New Identity generator for runaway criminals. Three separate Ajax calls pull API data to display and the rest of the information is randomly generated.




Responsive, one page site based off of a WordPress template.



JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Aesthetic, modern and responsive PSD conversion for a photography portfolio site. Check out the blog page as well!